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*IMPORTANT* Community Recommendations

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*IMPORTANT* Community Recommendations Empty *IMPORTANT* Community Recommendations

Post by [ADMIN] Kelly on Wed Mar 13, 2013 4:39 am

Some positions you apply for, you may need recommendations.
However, you are NOT allowed to ask for recommendations under any circumstances!
If someone recommends you it should be because they feel you are worth for the position you're applying for,
not because they are being pushed to recommend. If this rule is broken, your application will be automatically denied.

    Types of Recommendations
    Certain positions require you to obtain a certain amount of recommendations before the Council members and Admins discuss applications. Here are the different types of recommendations and and who is included where:

  • Community Recommendations: These are recommendations given by registered members of the board. This includes Team members and members. You may put Senior Member+ in this list, as they are also members of the forums.

  • Senior Member+ Recommendations: These are recommendations given by Senior Members, Managers, Moderators, and Global Moderators only. You cannot include community members or team members in this category.


*IMPORTANT* Community Recommendations 28ji06x
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