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Music to say something - Watski

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Music to say something - Watski

Post by Billious on Mon Mar 25, 2013 10:50 am

I would expect that most of you are net savy unlike myself as much. But I've found this guy's poetry, specially through music some of the most addictive in a long time. One of his influences is Saul Williams who is also a brilliant spoken word poet. Both of them ended up turning words into music that grabs your attention, although their poetry is not to be neglected. Quite often poignant or even spiritual to certain degrees, I presently find Watski sticks in my head like a bug. Williams just blows my mind in so many ways, I do see this young protege if you will, speaking louder and to more people than Williams ever will. Never the less Williams is decades before his time.

Not gonna imbed these since there will be a few, all I love.

George Watski

Saul Williams This track stuck in my head for years literally <--text kinda ruins this one



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