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Manager Requirements & Application

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Manager Requirements & Application

Post by [ADMIN] Gummy on Fri Mar 08, 2013 4:40 pm

Details of Position
It depends on what Manager position you specifically are applying for, but here's the overview of what Managers in general are in charge of/receive as perks. If you are interested in knowing the specific details of the position you are applying for, contact an Administrator. Overview details of Manager position:

  • Given Manager color/badge, as well as access to a few subsections. This includes the one applied for (which you would have moderator powers in).

  • Work to help Media Collision stay strong as a forum and push out new content.

  • If you are applying for News Crew Manager, you would be in charge of all of the News Crew members and make sure they stay active, push out content on time, etc. If you are applying for Social Media Manager, you would be in charge of making sure the members in the team stay active, update the social networking sites daily, push out content to the public section on time, etc. If you are applying for a position that is not the above listed and want to know the details of it, contact an Admin.

  • Ability to become "Manager of the Month"

  • Many additional perks will be given to Managers in the future.

-Must have remained active, respectful, helpful and constructive as a Senior Member.
-Should show signs of commitment, leadership and ability in the managerial field applied for.
-Requires three community recommendations and four Senior Member+ recommendations before review and discussion by Council/Admins.

To apply for the 'Manager' position please create a new topic titled "[Name]'s Manager Application", copy the form into your thread and fill it out accordingly.

-What position are you applying for and why are you applying for this position?
-What skills and/or qualifications do you have that would aid you in this position?
-If accepted, is there anything specific you would like to accomplish in this position?


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