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Moderator Requirements & Application

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Moderator Requirements & Application Empty Moderator Requirements & Application

Post by [ADMIN] Gummy on Fri Mar 08, 2013 4:38 pm

Details of Position
As a Moderator here are the things you would be in charge of/receive as perks:

  • Given Moderator color/badge and access to several new subsections, most of which you would have Moderator access to.

  • Work to make sure Media Collision rules are enforced. Moderators review any rulebreaker/scam reports and handle them accordingly.

  • Have a direct link to the Global Moderators and Administrators.

  • Many additional perks will be given to Moderators in the future.

-Must have remained active, respectful, helpful and constructive throughout their time in the community.
-Should show signs of commitment, ability to read and respond to situations appropriately and calmly.
-To enforce the rules, one must have followed the rules themselves.
-Requires four community recommendations and five Senior Member+ recommendations before being reviewed and discussed by Council/Admins.

To apply for the 'Moderator' position please create a new topic titled "[Name]'s Moderator Application", copy the form into your thread and fill it out accordingly.

-Why are you applying for Moderator and why do you feel you'd be a good candidate for the position?
- What section(s) do you spend the most time in?
-Do you feel you can handle various situations and resolve the issues at hand accordingly?
-If the above were to include a friend, would your answer remain the same?
-Example situation: what would you do if a member of the forum was almost but not quite breaking a rule several times and many other members complained to you about him/her?


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